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Will a signing sell out?

Yes, signings can and do sell out! We will try our best to provide everyone with a heads up on when a signing is about to sell out, but for our bigger signers, we recommend placing an order as soon as possible.


I paid for a signing, when will I receive my item?

All of our signings are completed as soon as the talent’s schedule allows, and will be posted on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and on to tell everyone that it’s been completed. In the meantime, you can check the Status Page for the latest information on where in the process your order is at any time.

Once the signing is complete, shipping of all items begins approximately 2 weeks after. When your item ships, you will receive an email notification, along with a tracking number. If your order is still waiting for a signing to be completed in order for all parts of it to be fulfilled, your order will be held until all necessary signings are finished so that they can all be shipped to your together. If it’s been more than 6 weeks since a completed signing announcement, please email for an update on your order.


Will I be able to watch my item get signed?

Unfortunately due to security measures we are unable to video or film our signings. However we always take photographs from the signing and post them on our social media pages.


How do I know the items are genuinely signed by the actor?

All items come with our SWAU hologram, which is tamper-proof and serial-numbered to ensure authenticity. Every hologram can be scanned and verified at - where you can see all the details pertaining to who, when and where every item was signed! 


Can I change my order after I have placed it?

Yes, If you want to make any changes to your order, please email


Where can I find out about signings and deadlines?

You can find live signings here. All signing deadlines are located on each order page. Further deadline and signing announcements are made via our email and social media channels!


How do I order a second name on an item that is already with SWAU?

Use the “Add to Existing SWAU order” option on the actor’s order page.


When exactly will the signing take place?

Due to security concerns for the signers, our team, and your items, we do not disclose a date or location of the signing. But rest assured, we will make an announcement when that signing is completed.


Who are you? Have you done any signings before?

Yes, we have completed hundreds of autograph signings and events over the years. You can see our list of past signers in our signers showcase.


Can I send my own item in to be signed?

Yes, you can! This is called a "Send-In Item". When placing an order, you will need to select the category of the item that you are sending in. 


Do I need to send a pen with my item?

Unless your item requires a specific pen, such as a piece of artwork or an item with a unique surface, it is not required to send a pen for the signing. SWAU has plenty of paint pens and non-paint pens on-hand for the signings, in nearly every color you could want. 


How do I specify a pen color and location on my order for a SWAU provided item?

For items provided by SWAU, there is the ‘INK COLOR’ field that you can provide instructions for the signing team to follow. For example, you can state ‘Blue in the top right’ or ‘Yellow Paint Pen on the Front Window’.


I don’t see photos available for pre-order, where can I find them?

When you select SWAU Provided Photo, you will see the options of sizes available as well as a link to access the photos we have available for pre-order. 


How do I indicate which photo I want pre-ordered and signed?

All of our photos available for pre-order have a unique code, such as SWAU-RDJ-01. Once you select “SWAU provided photo” from the preorder menu, copy that code into the “Photo ID” box of the order page. 


What are the options for photo size that I can preorder?

All of our photos are available in 8x10, 11x14, and 16x20. Those sizes are measured in inches. 


What is the difference between personalization, character name, and quote? 

Personalization would be the actor writing “To John.” Character name would be “Tony Stark.” Quote would be a line of dialogue from one of their films, such as “I love you 3000.” 


The quote I want is longer than the max amount of words. Can I buy a second quote or a personalization to add more words that I get signed?

No. All quotes requested must be under the word maximum. All requests for quotes over the word maximum are subject to refund without any quote being written, or a shortened quote being signed on your item. Please keep the word maximum in mind when requesting your quote. 


What is a reference image, and why is it optional?

If you have a file of the photo you are ordering, and want to show us exactly how you want it labeled for the signing, we enable customers to upload a reference image so that we can get your order fulfilled as accurately as possible. This is not required, and if no reference image is provided we will either follow instructions outlined in the “Ink Color” box or use our best judgment to get the item signed as well as possible.


An item that I want to pre-order is out of stock. Will you be adding more in the future?

All pre-order items are in stock while supplies last, if an item sells out we will attempt to replenish stock however we cannot always guarantee that it will happen. We recommend checking back regularly in the event we are able to re-stock sold out items. 


Is it ok to ship my Funko Box flat, or do you need the figure inside it? 

Yes! We we highly recommend it. For most signers, a flat Funko Pop box would be classified as a Flat to 11x14 on the order page. A full 3D Funko Pop Box would be classified as an Action Figure. 


I want to send in my own plaque for the signing. What would that fall under?

Plaques sent in without stands would be considered a Flat Item. Plaques sent in with 3D stands would be considered a small toy/3D figure.


I want to send in a piece of a mask/glove/larger prop for the signing. What would that be classified under?

Pieces of props would still be classified under Large Props when ordering. 

When is the last date I can place my order? When are send-in items due?

All deadlines for both orders to be placed and for send-in items to be in SWAU’s hands can be found on the order page(s)


Shipping Questions


If I add a new signer to an existing item, I get charged for shipping again.  Can I get refunded for the second shipping charge?

Yes!  If you send an email to with both order numbers, we will refund the shipping for the second item.


What address do I send my item to for the signing?

The send-in address for each signer is located in the bottom left of their order page with the deadline to get send-in items to us.


Is it okay if I use a language other than English in the shipping address field?

Please input all addresses in English so that the United States-based shipping services can return your items to you. Please email with your order number if you need assistance with this. 


Payment Questions


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Credit card, PayPal, Shop Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Affirm and PayPal, Shop Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay can use “Express checkout”.


Do you offer payment plans?

We have partnered with Affirm and PayPal to give you the option of breaking up payments for your order. Both will be available as an option at checkout.