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Putting Together a Mandalorian Season 2 Cast Piece

Putting Together a Mandalorian Season 2 Cast Piece

NOTE: It should go without saying that an article talking about the Second Season cast contains spoilers, so here’s your warning.


Since my write-up on who to add to a Season 1 cast piece was something that generated a lot of discussion, I’ve wanted to do the same for Season 2 before it aired.

Star Wars fans are notorious for adding anyone and everyone who had something to do with Star Wars to an item, but after awhile, it does get to be a bit cluttered and disorganized, and often times there can be no end in sight with new signers always popping up. What helps to prevent an aimless multi-signed piece is creating a deliberately focused list of signers, so you’re not chasing every signer out there, but you are also able to prioritize signers should two become available the same time.

Unlike with the first season, where we did not have any official full-sized 27x40”, double sided posters (the closest you could get would have been the Trends International one that was 24x36”ish), we were fortunate enough to have gotten one through Disney Movie Insiders, which quickly sold out (but I’d keep an eye out just in case they add more). The nice thing about full-size posters, is that they easily accommodate that 20 signers on it without looking like a mess, and can generally be signed all in the same color:


My list is broken down into two groups, the “essential signers” and the “episodic signers”, which gives you two different approaches of either going with the minimal amount of signers but getting a good representation of the cast on your item, or going all out and getting something that has representation from every episode. If you choose to get signers from both lists, you’ll end up having about 20 different signers on your piece.

For the “essential signers” list what I took into consideration was whether or not they had a significant role & impact in the second season, be on or off screen. One new addition to the 'essential signers’ is Ludwig Göransson, the composer for the series. I’ve added him to the list now, because especially after the final episode of Season Two, it’s clear that Ludwig brings his unique approach to finding the right type of music to support and drive the scene, while delivering callbacks to John Williams’ famous scores. Here’s hoping that SWAU can work some magic and hold a signing with him as well!

As for the ‘episodic signers’, I tried to find signers that were not in the essential list, and would best be representative of that episode. So without further ado, here is the list - and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.


Essential Signers (10 total)

  • Pedro Pascal

  • Brendan Wayne

  • Lateef Crowder

  • Dave Filoni

  • Jon Favreau 

  • Giancarlo Esposito

  • Gina Carano

  • Katee Sackhoff

  • Temuera Morrison

  • Ludwig Göransson

Episodic Signers (8 total)


Chapter 9: THE MARSHAL

Timothy Olyphant as ‘The Marshal’


Amy Sedaris as ‘Peli Motto’

Chapter 11: THE HEIRESS

Misty Rosas as the Frog Lady

Chapter 12: THE SIEGE

Carl Weathers as ‘Greef Karga’ and director of this episode


Chapter 13: THE JEDI

Rosario Dawson as ‘Ashoka’ and Diana Lee Inosanto as ‘The Magistrate’

Chapter 14: THE TRAGEDY

Temuera Morrison as ‘Boba Fett’

Chapter 15: THE BELIEVER

Bill Burr as ‘Migs Mayfield’

Chapter 16: THE RESCUE

Ming-Na Wen as ‘Fennic Shand’

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