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Multi-Signed Series: Original Trilogy

Multi-Signed Series: Original Trilogy
Welcome to the Multi-Signed Series, a new series from SWAU that explores what projects featuring multiple autographs can still be started and completed today. Today we look at Original Trilogy projects.

When a new collector makes the decision to start collecting Star Wars autographs, nearly all would want to start at the beginning and amass an assortment of names from the Original Trilogy. After all, these were what started Star Wars mania in the first place, and for many, what sparked their interest in the franchise. However in 2021, new collectors likely find themselves confronting Father Time in a battle to add names before they pass on. Because of this, there are some common refrains shared when someone tries to start an Original Trilogy project 40+ years after the movies came out:

"It's too late to start anything." "You can't complete it, it's not worth it." "Don't waste your money." "You'll be missing [insert actor here], so you can't start now."

I've heard all of these multiple times since I started collecting in 2017, and for some aspects of the trilogy, it's true. You probably shouldn't start a cockpit shot from A New Hope from scratch, since you can't add Alec Guinness or Peter Mayhew to them. Starting your own Darth Vader multi might be a tough go now, considering Dave Prowse and Bob Anderson have passed away, and James Earl Jones is retired from signing.

But don't fret! If you truly want to start a new project from the Original Trilogy, there are avenues for you to go! This series is meant to give inspiration and ideas to new collectors who want to start project on their own. Let's dive in! 

Episode IV: A New Hope- The Cantina
I can hear some readers now: "Woah hold on, you can't possibly finish a cantina project today!" And you would be right, my beloved reader. With so many patrons who were in the legendary bar, there are certainly some names who have passed on and can't be added to project.

However, there are still over a dozen names that fans could chase after if they wanted to start a project now, many of whom were regulars on the convention scene before the COVID pandemic halted the world in its tracks. If the world opens up again as more people get vaccinated and conventions start up again safely, there are plenty of directions for fans to go in adding names to a Cantina project.

Another unique wrinkle with the cantina is that because it was shot in two locations, one in America and one in England, you could focus your project to be either UK-centric, USA-centric, or a mix! 
Possible UK names to add: Chris Bunn, Barbara Frankland, Eileen Roberts, David Stone, Laurie Goode, Sadie Eden, Ted Western, Rusty Goffe, Angela Staines, Pam Rose, Paul Blake, Anthony Daniels, Mark Hamill

Possible US names: Phil Tippett, Jon Berg, Rick Baker, Jibralta Merrill, Kim Falkinberg

Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back- Snowtroopers
While Empire might be the greatest sequel of all-time, and arguably the best Star Wars movie, new autograph seekers will be hard-pressed to find projects to start with many of the principle and supporting cast having passed away. However, fans of the Battle of Hoth do have the ability to add some of the Empire's Finest in a Snowtrooper multi. Many of them can be found on the convention scene, usually in the United Kingdom, and at a price that is extremely reasonable for new collectors to add them all to a photo. 
Possible names to add: Chris Parsons, Doug Robinson, Colin Hunt, Tony Smart, Jim Dowdall, Joe Gibson, John Modridge, Stuart Fell

Episode VI: Return of the Jedi- Mon Calamari
One of the most common multi-signed projects from the Original Trilogy features the beloved Mon Calamari officers from Return of the Jedi. While the voice of Admiral Ackbar, Erik Bauersfeld, passed away a few years ago, the men behind the masks are all alive and well to this day, and are also regulars on the convention circuit. Appearing in both the United Kingdom and in America, and often with multiple actors at one show, this is one multi you could start and finish quite easily!

Possible names to add: Tim Rose, Simon Williamson, Tim Dry, Sean Crawford, Paul Springer, Gerald Home

These are just three options collectors still have for Original Trilogy projects. There are others, and even more if you expand it to a "set," meaning acquiring photos of different actors to store or display together. This is commonly done for Imperial Officers, Rebel Pilots, and the women of Star Wars, among others. If you join our community on Facebook you also will see other projects people have started, and may get some inspiration yourself!

Join us next time as we dive into the Prequel Trilogy to see what multis can be started from each of those three movies! Until then, may the Force be with you. 

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